The Benefits of Clean Windows

Having clean windows adds a great finishing touch to any clean room. Did you know that the dirt buildup on the glass and the frames can cause damage to your windows? That’s why it’s so important to clean your windows 2-3 times a year. Hard water spots and oxidation from the sun can do a number on windows. Plus, clean windows are more efficient and they just plain look nicer. Here’s the method to perfect windows. You will need the following tools: spray bottle with any general purpose cleaner, squeegee, window scraper and two rags, one must be very clean and dry but the other one can be any rag…..because it will just get dirty. Start by spraying the frame of the window then wiping all areas of the frame including the sash and tracks the windows slides on. After the frame is wiped clean, spray the glass. While the glass is wet, use the window scraper to remove any stuck on debris, paying careful attention to ensure any hard water deposits from sprinklers and oxidized rain spots are removed with the scraper. Once all the glass has been scraped, use the dirty rag and wipe any excess dirt and water from the glass. Then spray a light mist on the glass and wipe clean with the squeegee. Finally, use your clean dry rag to polish the glass and remove any water lines the squeegee may have left behind. Keeping your windows clean will not only make them work more efficiently but will also make them resistant to dirt… next time, they’ll be easier to clean.