Happy 4th of July!

4th of July cleaning to insure your party is a success!

July 4th is the time of the month when you know there will be family, friends, great food, and Fireworks!
Do you find yourself hosting a barbecue this year?
This is how you will need to prepare in order to make a good impression on your friends and family.
Make cleaning easier for yourself and save time this independence day by following these tips

Cleaning and preparing tips:

Clean grill
• First: Brush the grill grates with a neutral oil, like canola. Sprinkle kosher salt all across the grates. Give it a scrub with half a potato or even an onion!

* Get the grill really hot, then scrub it down with half an onion. This is a really great way to clean the grill before grilling steaks, this will add so much flavor (my family loves doing this), so it's best not to do this before grilling peaches. (You don't want onion-flavored peaches, yuck!)

Clean up the porch or patio

Washing your outdoor furniture:
For most pieces you can use a scrub with a nylon brush you dip it in warm soapy water to clean them down and follow it by a rinse with the garden hose and that will do the trick!

Spruce up your guest bathroom.
Toilet:  Clean the interior/exterior. Use Disinfectant Wipes When there are visitors for toilet lids for an easy and quick clean.

Wipe down Sink, counter, and mirror- There are products you can use that are non-toxic like:

  • Method bathroom cleaners
  • Mrs. Meyer's bathroom cleaner
  • Attitude bathroom cleaner
  • Ecos toilet cleaner
  • Seventh-generation tub and tile cleaner
  • 9 elements bathroom cleaner

Rinse and dry with a soft microfiber cloth. Don’t forget to polish up those faucets!
For the mirror clean from top to bottom with a good glass cleaning product like

  • ECOS window cleaner
  • Method glass and surface cleaner
  • Honest Company glass and window cleaner
  • Simple green naturals glass and surface cleaner

Make sure the soap dispenser is full at all times.
It’s always nice to have a lotion dispenser available, but it's your preference.

You put out a good-smelling candle for your senses. You may also consider a room spray on top of the toilet tank. You can provide feminine products, body spray, and Q-tips in a drawer because you never know. Finally, place a small plant or decor on the counter.

4th of July After Party Clean Up

Things you need for an easy cleanup

• Disposable kitchen towels (for spills)

• Microfiber towel

• Mop

• Small brush and dustpan for crumbs

• Kitchen towels

• All-purpose cleaner

• Cleaner for furniture

• Large trash bags

• Vacuum cleaner or broom and dustpan

Parties outside typically end up being messier than those insides.


Even if you have large trash cans for people to use, you still need to empty them and put the garbage provided by your city for curbside pickup.
one for disposable items such as paper plates, cups, and napkins, and another for food scraps.

This encourages your guests to use the bins throughout the event!

When the party is over, you'll need space in both the dishwasher and the kitchen to store the plates and glasses.

Before the party, clean your kitchen countertops and empty your dishwasher.
(Great things to use are
Disposable paper plates and Disposable cups.)

While the party is going you should load the dishwasher right away.
So, all you have to do in the dishwasher are the dishes you cooked in for easy clean-up.

Get Some Extra Help

After giving all of your energy hosting a party, sometimes the best thing that you can do is hire a cleaning crew to help. Holiday cleaning can be a lot of chores stacked on top of everything else that you’ve already done, contact The Georgina Perfection we will be happy to help!