Happy October!

Hello friends! We know what you’re thinking and no, it’s not just you… This year really has flown by!! Amid the pandemic, the election, and trying to get our lives back to normal, it’s October already! After Halloween, the holidays are right around the corner and with the first week of October being National Getting Organized Week, let’s use this time wisely! 

Organizing our homes is beneficial in so many ways and it doesn’t have to be a dreadful chore. It can be fun and easy if everyone at home does their part! The first thing you want to do when organizing is de-clutter! Go through all of your stuff and throw out/donate what you don’t use. This goes for your closets, kitchen, the kid’s toys, and yes even the junk drawer! You’ll be surprised to see how much of the things you have are not being used. And the rule is: If you haven’t used it in the last month… You don’t need it! **

When you have gotten rid of the things you don’t need then it’s time to get the appropriate storage containers. Figure out what organizational system works best for your home and your convenience. Whether it’s bins, baskets, cubbies, labels, etc. We always recommend going simple… When it’s simple and convenient, it’s easy to keep up with. When it comes to containers for everyday use, avoid lids! You are more likely to keep things organized when you can easily access them. Use this opportunity to find a place for everything! Our favorite site in our house is what we call the command center. It’s a spot where we keep our keys, calendars, planners, grocery list, mail, and our whiteboard. It keeps us organized and it’s a way to plan out our week/month that everyone can see. It’s also a place where we write out the chores everyone is responsible for to keep the house clean and organized! Try this out in your home!

An organized home is a happy, stress-free home! When everything is nice and tidy and clutter-free, consider a deep clean to start fresh! If you need it clean, call our team 😉 

 **Here’s a little life hack if you have kiddos… When de-cluttering, have the kids go through their toys. Any toys they don’t play with anymore (that aren’t broken or worn out) simply because they have others they prefer, save them! Put them nicely in bins you can keep stored away. Months later when it’s time for a re-organization, whip out those old toys and rotate them out! They’ll have forgotten about them and it’ll be like having new toys again! It saves money and saves space in the toy bin.