Keep it Clean in your Cocina!

Since your bedroom is clean, it’s time for you to start moving to another part of your home. The infamous Kitchen.

As a busy mom, and business owner. I understand how neglected your kitchen can be throughout the week.

For that reason I decided to give you a small list to follow throughout the day to make your life much easier.

Remember this list is just some ideas that you can use to keep it clean in the kitchen and organized as well. Don’t be alarmed if you feel like this may be too much to handle throughout the day or even week.

Daily kitchen cleaning tips-

  1. After you use something, place it in the dish washer or sink- This will keep your cooking area much cleaner and it will force you to start a load in your dish washer or wash something by hand if you need it again. This avoids any cross contamination if you’re using raw meats and then fresh vegetables.
  2. always Keep a colorful rag or sponge by your sink – this allows you to be ready for any spill/quick wash you may need.
  3. Keep your stove clean- After using a stove burner, pass one fo your rags by it to make sure its ready for the next time youll use it. This avoid any kind of long term stains/damage to your stove.
  4. Try to dry your dishes by the end of the day- this allows you to be ready for the next day and avoids any mold build up in your dishwasher and drying areas in your sink.
  5. Sweep and mop your floor- this doesn’t have to be a very detailed thing, just a quick 5 minute sweep and mop of your floor to collect any trash.

Weekly cleaning-

  1. Deep clean your floors- This is very important to do In all homes, specially in the kitchen. Accidents happen and raw meat and other things may fall to the ground and infect your floors with different germs. Once  week I recommend (can be done multiple time a week, this is up to you) Bleach your floors and add some type of fresh scent to them.
  2. Clean your microwave- Microwaves are used much more regularly than your oven and maybe even stove. Remove the microwave plate and use the cleaner of your choice to disinfect the microwave.
  3. Caffe maker- Your daily cup of coffee can make a mess. Make sure  that you can remove the water tank and rinse it out with soup as well.
  4. Clean your stove- modern stoves don’t use older removable burners, if your stove still uses those, make sure to remove the residue.

These two lists can be change as to your discretion, if you feel like certain items in your kitchen are used more than other. You may need to clean it more often then advised. Its all about finding your balance and understanding how to schedule yourself and keeping it clean.