Thinking about hiring a maid?

TGP tips on prepping your home!
First visit  each area of your home that needs to be cleaned, start picking up things that are personal that you are the only person to know where these things go.
Second. Kitchen make sure that everything personal is off the counters Keys, sunglasses wallets etc;
Third Bathrooms, you want to put away all your personal  belongings such as your tooth brush, your make up, your hair brush, blow dryers, flat irons etc;
Fourth The living room. Place all remotes or controllers away by placing them in the designated area that you place them all the time. If there is anything laying around like your clothes or blankets pick that up.
Fifth Bedrooms If you want your sheets changed undress your bed, and have the clean sheets on the side of the bed ready for the maid to dress. Clothes, jewelry, accessories, toys, sneakers, electronics etc;
Six Hallways, be sure to pick up everything from the floors so that the hallways can be swept and mopped.
Seven The borders of the walls should be visible for the maid to wipe them down through out the entire home.
  • Use these tips and you will not be wondering where your maid placed your watch or your  TV remote .