Dirty Mouth

So another aspect of cleaning altogether is focusing on the person doing the cleaning, aka yourself!

One of the most important places we clean ourselves daily is our mouth. Our mouths are actually the dirtiest part of our bodies! And sometimes, just like other areas on our bodies, our mouths can get pretty smelly. Aside from brushing our teeth, which you should do at least twice daily and flossing which should also be done daily there’s another aspect to your potentially dirty mouth; your tongue. Bacteria continually grow and multiply on our tongues both good and bad and if we’re not careful, the bad bacteria can get out of control and start offending the people around us. But there are ways to avoid the bacteria from getting out of control. One of my favorite ways is by using a tongue cleaner. They’re a cheap (usually less than $2) oral appliance made of flexible plastic or some stainless steel and they’re designed to gently scrape or comb the top surface of your tongue. Another favorite of mine to combat overgrowing bacteria is probiotics. They are the key to maintaining a healthy balance of bacteria all throughout your digestive system. I prefer to get mine by consuming yogurt but of course, you can get them with supplements as well. Keeping your digestive system ‘regular’ is also a very important factor in maintaining healthy breath. Keeping your own temple clean and fresh, starting on the inside, will make you want to keep everything around you just as clean and fresh. If you looking for motivation to keep up with your cleaning, now you’ve got some!