I can barely see thru my glass shower door with all these white spots on them

Mineral deposits and hard water stains can make any shower door look dirty, even after just one shower. The walls of the shower will show the hard water stains as well. Cleaning the shower and the door is easy. Since showers are normally a tight, enclosed space you can use the following to clean these water stains and avoid the fumes of chemical cleaners. Fill a spray bottle with vinegar, lemon juice from two lemons and a ¼ cup baking soda. Spray the solution on the water stains and let sit for one minute. Stubborn stains on the glass may require a glass scraper to fully remove but the solution will break down the minerals and those spots on your shower door will be gone! To maintain clean glass, use a professional squeegee to wipe the water off your shower door each time you shower and you’ll prevent these stains from accumulating.