Feeling Lucky?

Happy March, Friends! Are you feeling lucky? We sure are! Lucky to have such an amazing group of clients who have done nothing but help us grow! In turn, we hope to be inspiring you all to Keep it Clean with us!
   This year has been rocking and rolling and as we dive right into month three, we have more tips and tricks for you! This month we want to share with you all of the amazing benefits of using hydrogen peroxide!
   First and foremost, hydrogen peroxide is a natural sanitizer! This means that it provides the same sanitizing benefits as bleach would but without all of the harsh toxins. It kills germs, bacteria, viruses and even salmonella. Replace your bleach with a spray bottle filled with 50/50 peroxide and water and use it for all of your cleaning needs. It removes grime from sinks, any unwanted odors in the bathrooms and bacteria on any surface.
   Pro-tip… The CDC recommends you switch out your toothbrushes every 3-4 months. During that time, we like to soak them in peroxide overnight once a week to get rid of any germs and build up. This ensures you get the most out of your toothbrush for those 3-4 months!    One of the reasons why we used to love bleach was because we associated the smell with a sense of freshness and cleanliness. Unfortunately though, the smell are fumes that come from the harsh chemicals in the product and are harmful to not only to us but the environment as well. Although hydrogen peroxide doesn’t necessarily leave a fresh potent smell due to zero chemicals in it, try adding a couple drops of your favorite essential oil to your 50/50 mix. This will truly leave a fresh, clean and HEALTHY smell after a good clean!
   There are so many other great uses for hydrogen peroxide such as laundry whitening, teeth whitening and it is even great for cleaning wounds and/or infections! Try adding a cup of peroxide to a load of whites… You’ll see the same results as you would if you used bleach but without the harmful chemicals on the clothes you put on your skin! As for your teeth, swish around a cap-full of peroxide in your mouth for about 2-5 minutes daily after you brush and you will see notable differences within a week! It also helps prevent and get rid of canker sores. One of the known common uses for peroxide is wound cleaning. If you pour some directly on the open wound, it will kill any bacteria and it prevents infection. Continuing to soak the affected area will help the wound heal significantly faster as well! What a lot of people don’t know is that it works just as great to get rid of fungus, too. Spraying some of that 50/50 mix directly on the feet/toes daily will make a huge difference!
   As always… If you’re looking for a team who Keeps it Clean, call us and we’ll get the job done! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our channel for all of the latest updates! We’ll catch you all next time! 😉