Love is in the Air!

Hi everyone and Happy February! We hope everyone started off the year right by setting goals and going after them, positive attitudes and clean homes!
The first month of the new year has already came and gone and now it’s time to get the gears going for February! Love is in the air but so are a lot of other things like dust, dirt and debris. Here are some helpful tips and easy solutions to get your home not only smelling nice but also filled with clean, healthy, breathable air!
Air filters… Everyone has them and no one knows how to clean them or when to change them! The air filters in our homes are literally responsible for the air that we breathe! They collect dust, dirt, pet debris and everything else we don’t want to be breathing in. If you’re like us and have allergies, you will be doing yourself a huge favor by replacing your air filters monthly, especially if there are pets in the home! Check and see if your filter is washable and you could even get away with washing it and scrubbing gently with an old toothbrush monthly and then replacing every other month. An air filter in an averaged size home with no particular sensitivity to allergies and no pets can be replaced every 3 months. *Pro tip: Make a note on your calendar for an easy reminder on when to change those bad boys out!
Air purifiers… As clean as we can keep the air filters in our home, it still doesn’t beat having an additional tool to help filter the air we breathe. Air purifiers have become increasingly popular during the pandemic and they provide so many benefits. They help reduce the symptoms of asthma by providing cleaner, crisper air, trap the pathogens in the air that carry bacteria and viruses, neutralize unpleasant odors to leave our homes smelling good, etc! Air purifiers can range between $30-$300 and their benefits are undeniable regardless of which kind you get to best accommodate your family!
Air fresheners… Sometimes less is more. Air fresheners are quick, easy and something you can do multiple times a day to just spritz up the air in your home. There are so many different kinds but there are two that we swear by! Febreze AIR Heavy Duty Crisp Clean… The great thing about all of Febreze products is that they don’t mask the odor, they eliminate it! This one in particular is heavy duty and great for getting rid of stubborn pet odors. It also kills the bacteria in the air with just a few sprays. Our other favorite is OdoBan Eucalyptus Air & Fabric Freshener… We use this one daily on our bed sheets and pillows every morning when making the bed! It serves as a disinfectant and odor eliminator and leaves our beds clean and fresh! The eucalyptus scent also provides stress relieving effects!
We hope everyone has a fabulous, fun and fresh February! Remember that just because love is in the air, doesn’t mean dirt and debris have to be! And if you don’t want to do it yourself, call us and we’ll make sure to keep it clean 😉
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