Georgina’s Favorite Vacuums

Are you in the market for a new Vacuum?

Keep it Clean

Do you really know what you need?
This list is for the Vacuums that I recommend, I want to make it clear that this list isn’t about budgeting or what Vacuums are good for certain things. This list is about the perfect Vacuum.

Here are a few things I want to bring to your attention when it comes down to what Vacuum I recommend.

– How well it gets the job done
– What other utilities it may have
– What’s the lifespan of the Vacuum

The first on my list is the Kirby Vacuums. These Vacuums are known for 2 things, price and utility. This Vacuum is my favorite of the 3 I’m going to mention

     – In 1920 Kirby became a direct-selling business, they sell door to door with a “test drive” approach to winning your purchase. To this day this method has won them hundreds of loyal customers, that are willing to pay for their products.

Kirby vacuums have a slick design that provides consumers with a Vacuum that can do it all, and looks good at doing it. The brushes, bags, and other detachable parts are perfect for those that want more than just a Vacuum cleaner it’s one cleaning tool for everything.

Up next is the shark Vacuums, this is more of an economical choice. Shark Vacuums are reliable and durable for the price, you can find them almost in all stores. Unlike Kirby, you can find filters and parts for the Shark Vacuums in most retail store as well. They are easy to fix and perfect for the every day cleaner.

Now the very last Vacuum type that I adore and always advice for those that have no free time or away from home all the time, are the Roomba Vacuums. Roomba vacuums that are hands free robots that clean your mess and they work astonishingly well.

  – These robots were created in September of 2002, the way they work is by infrared beam detection. The beams locate surrounding obstacles and walls. They are surrounded by touch sensitive sensors/bumpers, and the infrared sensors are also located in the top and bottom of each unit. That way they avoid any unnecessary falls.

Roomba has revolutionized the way we worry about our carpets and the way we clean. These robots have evolved with our modern technology as well. Now there are apps to set virtual walls for your Roomba, which actually works very well and it’s an easy way to track them.