Happy March!

Hi everyone! The past couple of months have flown by but we hope everyone has still found the time to Keep it Clean! You know we have! 

This month we wanted to talk all things mopping. I’ll let you in on a secret… It’s one of my least favorite things to do. But of course it has to be done! When the world famous Swiffer came out, I thought my prayers had been answered. Although it’s quick and easy… Unfortunately it’s not effective in completely replacing the good old fashioned mop. Here are some tips on how to tolerate mopping and get your floors clean and sparkling! 

First and foremost… Prepare the floor for the mop! Rid it of any dirt or debris by sweeping or a quick vacuum. Skipping this step will just cause your mop to move all that dirt around. Second, the cleaner you choose is just as important. We love anything Mr Clean so we use their multi surface cleaner that has Febreeze infused scents. It leaves our floors shining and smelling great! When it’s time to actually start mopping, we highly recommend mopping in sections. This is especially helpful for larger homes and it helps keep you organized in your clean. Remember to continually rinse the mop out and change the water as needed! That is the most tedious but most important thing. We also highly suggest rinsing and wringing out the mop thoroughly before storing and let it hang to dry! 

Swiffers are great for quick cleaning up but unfortunately the pads are not made for lots of absorption… Cotton mops might be old fashioned but they definitely know how to get the job done! 

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