Peace, LOVE & Clean!

Happy February, lovebirds! We hope 2022 is bringing everyone success, happiness, and love! We are living in such a crazy time right now and we think love is more important than ever. Love your partners, your family, your friends, and your neighbors! The world needs it right now! That being said, the world also needs to Keep it Clean! We spend a lot of time talking about tips you can use at home when cleaning yourselves and cleaning schedules, etc. But we don’t really talk about what we could do for you! Of course, all of the tips and tricks we share with you are all part of our cleaning routines, we thought it would be nice to share with you what a true TGP clean means.

Firstly, our team always has their own supplies. We use all of our favorite products that we have mentioned in previous months; Which include your choice of different scents, antibacterial components, eco-friendly products, etc. We have vacuums, mops, towels, scrubbers, anything, and everything! Our clients never have to supply a thing. But if you have a personal preference for a certain product you own or you swear by your personal vacuum, we are always more than happy to clean your home with whatever you wish.
Depending on the type of clean you are looking for and the frequency of said cleaning, there are different standards. We always like to make sure our clients know what to expect so we can then go above and beyond! If you are looking to maintain a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even quarterly cleaning schedule with us, we like to know that going in so we can plan accordingly. For someone wanting to check out our services and get a feel for what The Georgina Perfection is all about, we recommend planning for a deep clean on a monthly basis to start off. It’s a thorough clean that will be sure to freshen your home up for the month ahead and leave you wanting more! Our monthly cleans usually go as follows but are not limited to:
-Ceiling fans
-Doorknobs/Light fixtures
-High dusting

We will discuss with you any individual needs for your home and make sure our team hits every area with attention to detail! Keeping our clients clean and happy is our #1 priority! We know that life gets busy and stressful, which is why we are here to help. Keeping it Clean is what we do best and we’re here to share the love with all of you! Tell all your friends, show our socials some love and help us help you! Reference this newsletter and get a special promotion when you book your first home clean with us 😊

Until next time, friends! ❤️