Happy November!

Hi friends! It’s November which means the spooks are over and it’s time to be focusing on giving thanks for everything and everyone we have! We have so much to be thankful for and we want to show you all our gratitude. That’s why we are doing a November Giveaway! We have 2 gifts: A basket filled with some of our favorite cleaning supplies and our favorite easy-wring mop with a spin bucket! All you have to do is show us some love on any of our socials; Instagram, Facebook or even via email at gcaceres@tgpclean.com

2 winners will be randomly chosen and we’ll drop off or deliver the prize right to you! We’ll also take a selfie with you and upload it for next month’s newsletter! We appreciate all of our past, current and potential clients… We couldn’t do this without you guys!
On the same thankful note, here are a list of 5 cleaning supplies that we are SO thankful for!

  1. Microfiber rags: We always talk about the cleaning solutions but hardly about the rags we use with it. Microfiber rags are our go-to because they don’t leave streaks or lint behind! They’ll enhance any wipe down with whichever cleaning solution you choose!
  2. Baking soda: If you know us, you know we swear by baking soda! It’s cheap and so versatile! You can add it to your laundry load, freshen your carpets with it, safely clean your baby’s toys without worrying about harsh chemicals and even exfoliate your skin with it!
  3. Pine-Sol: Our favorite solution for mopping! Besides the amazing lemon fresh aroma, this solution is great for a good deep clean! It is sure to get all of the stains, grime and dirt off your hardwood floors without damaging it! This cleaner plus our favorite spin-mop makes our days!!
  4. Mr Clean: You can never go wrong with Mr. Clean… After all, he does know best. Although they have many products, we love the liquid antibacterial cleaner! It has fresh summer citrus scent and it is perfect for every surface. The best part is that it not only cleans the dirt but it also disinfects and wipes the germs away!
  5. Sprayway Glass Cleaner: They don’t call it the world’s best glass cleaner for nothing! It is a foaming cleaner that you spray right onto the mirror or glass and makes it good as new! Preferably using a microfiber rag, it leaves the surface clean and streak free! Once we switched from Windex, we never looked back!!

Have a great November everyone! Find us on our socials and send us some love by following, liking and subscribing! Stay tuned for our giveaways!
And of course… Don’t forget to keep it clean! 😉