Hello Summer! ☀️

June is here! Summer is coming and with it comes pests like fruit flies and gnats. These pesky insects love to breed in dirty sinks, which provides a nice habitat for them. If you see gnats flying around your sink here are some steps to help you get rid of those annoying pests:

  • Pouring some red wine into a bowl and covering it with plastic wrap. The flies will be drawn to the fermented fruit juice and drown.
  • Get rid of the drain flies by adding a cup of white or cider vinegar to a garbage disposal unit and turning it on. The acidity will kill any remaining gnat larvae.
  • Remove clutter around your sink. Make sure there is not any standing water around the sink. Also make sure that the drains in your sink are clear. To keep pests out of the sink, you should line the bottom of the sink and counter tops with aluminum foil. You can also add citric acid to the pipes or drain lines.

Citric acid is an effective natural pesticide that won’t harm plants or pets. If you have gnats in your house, you must remove all the sources of sugar and starch from around the house. Sugar attracts gnats, so removing it will prevent them from coming into your house.

  • If you cannot remove the source of the problem, then spray the inside of the house with insecticide. A simple solution like dish soap, vinegar, ammonia, and borax will kill insects.

Can’t manage to remove the infestation, then apply an organic pesticide. Organic pesticides are safer than chemical ones.

They are less toxic to people and animals.

Organic Pesticides

•Natria need oil

•EcoVia EC- Active ingredient thyme oil, Rosemary oil

•Organics brand- Need oil

Make at home

•Red wine


•Plastic wrap

•Red or white vinegar

•Aluminum foil

•Citric acid





With all this information you can say Bye-Bye to those annoying little pests!

As always, Keep It Clean!