Keeping it clean in the Bedroom

You changed your curtains, you cleaned your pillows, bed and carpet, now you see the rest of your room and its time to tackle the rest of the monster.

The counter tops, night stands and other pieces of furniture are a home to thousands of dust particles and other debri.

I would suggest dusting your bedroom furniture once a week to avoid any allergies or sickness. However, I understand the majority of people don’t have the time to clean their bedroom or have a system to quickly dust their bedroom.

Steps to a quick clean.

  • Open your windows! air out your room and dust your window track from the gunk and build up that you can experience especially in a tropical environment.
  • Use duster on your furniture, you don’t need to deep clean your furniture. However, disinfect what you touch on a daily basis. (Door knobs, drawer knobs, remotes, night tables) is a great help to your health and keeps you from interacting with the same germs.
  • Remove trash and other items you don’t use from your bedroom, its amazing how much trash we keep in our rooms that we think we may use, we have to be honest and ask yourself what you are using and what is just taking space. The less stuff, the less you will have to clean.

The key to an organized and healthy life starts in the bedroom, don’t look at cleaning as a chore that you don’t want to do. Keeping it clean is a lifestyle and it promotes healthy habits. Just remember to take small steps at a time and you will feel much better with a well organized bedroom and life!