Dirty Carpet

Carpets are something that everyone has installed in their homes, the constant building and manufacturing of homes has made carpet very mainstream and cheaper than vinyl and other types of flooring.

More carpet also means, more ways to getting germs and other debris into your home and getting rid of them should be in your weekly list of cleaning objectives.


The difference between a clean carpet and a old dirty one is insane and very noticeable.

The first line of defense to carpet filth is a nice vacuum (click here to learn about the vacuum that is perfect for your needs).

Vacuuming is simple, but how often you should vacuum is where the fun starts. It all really depends on; how many people are in the home, if pets run in and out, and how often everyone is home.

In most articles you find that the average amount of time you need to vacuum is once a week. But thats an average and is what is most adviced for One family homes. However, if you have multiple visits from different people of pets, vacuuming should be done every other day or every 3 days.

Carpet cleaning

Your carpet should be in your quarterly cleaning list. I suggest hiring someone to professionally clean your carpets, although you can rent a carpet cleaner from your local Home Depot or Lowes, but those units are made for convenience over accuracy.

Professional Cleaner

Once you hired your Professional carpet cleaners, make sure that you clear the areas you want them to clean from any furniture and other items that may get in the way.


If you are renting your own carpet cleaner, you have to keep in mind that although the machine is 20-40 dollars to rent for a few hours. The carpet shampoo, spot remover, odor remover and other products will add up.

Once you have all your product ready, make sure that you have your carpet cleared and ready to be vacuumed first and then follow the instructions of the machine you rented.