Change your Curtains!

Why you should change your Curtains

I love the way my home looks throughout the year and there is always a secret to why I love my home.

The Curtains!

Understanding what brings life to your home is key to balance living and keeping it clean lifestyle.

Most, if not all people place their curtains and forget about them until they move or something happens to them. Your curtains are like the eyelids of your home. They are one of the first things people look at and they are there to help you block the outside world.

If they are not changed, the dust buildup is insane. Depending on how long they are left without maintenance.

Take your curtains down and clean them as instructed on their tag or packaging.

The usual way to clean your curtain is using different dry cleaning options. Using the duster attachment on your vacuum is the most economical way to remove the dust from your curtains.

-Please do not wash your curtains in a washing machine. The material used for curtains is meant to keep dust and other things together. Washing and drying may damage that cloth or you may change the size of the curtain.

Replacing your curtains can also make your home feel different and it can change your mood throughout the year. Different colors trigger different moods according to-

1.Effect of Different Colors on Human Mind and Body

2. Seeing green boosts your concentration, research shows. May 25, 2015.

3. Best Color For Concentration And Productivity Is Orange

4. Brain-Based Learning by Eric Jensen, 2000 (p.54-70)

Your curtain is much more than just cloth on your window, it’s another way to express yourself and changing things for 2019 is a great start to your resolutions.

Keep it clean!