TGP loves ketchup, not only for French Fries but for cleaning

Who doesn’t love ketchup?

I love Ketchup, specially Heinz ketchup, Honestly, I couldn’t believe that you can use it as a cleaning product either. But after I kept thinking, it made a lot of sense. Ketchup, for the most part, is made out of vinegar and tomatoes.

Keep in mind, ketchup cannot be used for just everything since it does have a smell and strong coloring. Do not use it on fabrics, any clothes or anything of that sort, unless you like to smell like a tomato. Ketchup can only be used on metals.

Since metals can’t be stained easily, ketchup can be very useful in removing tough rust from copper, brass, and other metals.

The best part, you don’t have to mix ketchup with anything, once you spread ketchup on the surface of any of your precious metals place a plastic bag over it and make sure you let it rest for 26-30 hours.
Afterward, you will find that the ketchup has either turned black or a dark green color. Wipe the ketchup off with a wet cloth and you will see the change. You will still need to buff the surface, but it eliminated hours of buffing and preparation time.

Another way you can use ketchup is on your jewelry. This is very simple as well. All you need is a cup of water halfway full, and ketchup. Squirt ketchup 3-4 times and then dip your jewelry in your ketchup/water solution. Leave your jewelry in for 1 hour, afterward make sure you clean it well and you will see your jewelry shine once again!

        – Make sure you don’t leave your jewelry dipped for too long since it may cause damage         to any precious stones.

Don’t you love how simple life can be? Remember to keep it clean, by working smart not hard.