Ugly Smelly Sponge

How can you make your sponge last longer?

This topic has been tossed around for many years, from tossing your sponge to the microwave, to putting it in the dishwasher.
I’m going to be transparent here, I realize that the internet is crawling with different blogs about “how can I eliminate my smelly sponge” you have many options and you’re probably not sure what to do still. Don’t worry, I’ve tested a lot of theories! Here are my results.Microwaving your sponge

Okay, this has been tossed around for many years. The science behind microwaves ‘sterilizing’ sponges was last tested in 2007. Multiple sources state that 99% of bacteria are eliminated within the first 15 seconds of being microwaved, the only bacteria that survived until 30 second was E. Coli. Although microwaving your sponge does create a fire hazard, you must make sure that your sponge is at least damp.

Now, this hasn’t been tested in 10 years. Looking further, there have been other studies about bacteria that may debunk microwaving your sponge. Microwaving your sponge may eliminate the bacteria that is dangerous, however, to fully sterilize your sponge is very difficult. Bacteria still produce toxins that may be dangerous to us, and to eliminate those you will have to turn your sponge into ash.

So, I suggest to not use your microwave to clean your sponge. This method may work for a short period of time, but the risks are high and you may still receive food poisoning.

Washing your sponge

The answer to this is short and sweet. Yes, you can eliminate some bacteria by washing it in your washing machine or dishwasher. However, if your sponge is infected by some serious bacteria you are not saved, even if your sponge smells better.

Bleach can remove 99% of germs, please keep in mind that your regular yellow sponge will not survive the process for too long. The sponge will start flaking and you will have a bigger mess in your hands.

Microfiber sponges are reusable and washable and are the most recommendable if you constantly wash them.

Soaking your sponge with Vinegar

Although I really appreciate Vinegar as a cleaning solution, soaking your sponge in it will eliminate your smelly sponge, however, you will keep the vinegar smell. It won’t be as strong but it’s still not recommended.

I’ve spent hours trying to find the best way to eliminate the smell from your sponge, and I have to admit. It’s much more of a headache and time consuming to clean your sponge. My suggestion is this; either purchase a microfiber reusable sponge or replace the sponge every one to two weeks. The max amount of time we suggest to keep a sponge is 3 weeks if your sponge starts developing that smell please toss it away.

Keeping it clean also means to stay healthy, Your health is more import than a few dollars for a new sponge.