Fall Quarterly Cleans

Fall is knocking at your door

With the holidays around the corner, we have so much more to do. With your last quarterly clean here are things you should worry about.

1. Windows/ Sliding glass doors

Windows are the eye catchers of your home, as well as your sliding glass doors. Make sure you read my windows post. To get yourself prepared for the in-laws.

2. Deep clean your kitchen

Let’s be honest, you haven’t really gotten around to cleaning that oven you said you would months ago.
Your quarterly deep clean for your home is more than just wiping your counters and vacuuming. Read more tips and tricks to a deep clean.

3. Bathrooms

Bathrooms should be clean everyday, but a deep clean should be down at least quarterly. This means, scrubbing the corners of your shower, sink, and floor. Bacteria love warm humid areas. Keep that in mind.

4. Bedrooms

This is important if you have guest bedrooms, make sure everything is dusted properly and sheets and pillowcases have been washed properly.

5. Living room/ dining room.

These areas are where most, if not all, your relatives will be in the most. Make sure you clean each couch well. (You can find different ways to clean both Leather and Fabric couches here)
Move your light furniture around and vacuum/sweep underneath them as well. If you have remote, make sure those are cleaned as well.

For more information contact us! Keeping your holiday jolly and clean is our goal too. We have some holiday deals that you should not be miss.