Dirty Shoes

If you’re a clean freak you know how important it is to disinfect everything daily. Bacteria and germs love to live among us and inside us. And even if you’re not a clean freak you understand the dangers of getting sick regularly can result in negative things in your life.

Taking off your shoes before going inside your home can prevent many things like E-coli and other dangerous bacteria’s from living among your family. Studies have shown that 90-99% of bacteria and germs that are attached to your shoes throughout the day will continue their journey into your home as you take a few steps.

Relax, I know it’s a lot to take in. I will give you some tips, to make things much more sanitary for you and your love ones.

1.Enforce the rules, and set an example

As an adult and usually the head of the household, set rules and expectations when it comes to shoes. Children and young adults will learn from you, if you show them how important it is to take shoes off before coming inside they will understand. The younger children act like a sponge and will retain how important it is to take their shoes off even years down the road.

It will take a few tries and a couple of times for everyone in the house to understand how important it is to remove your shoes.


Information about this topic can be found everywhere. There are a lot of blogs that will even show you videos of the bacteria and different infections you can avoid, and all you must do is take your shoes off.

Its very simple but very effective, knowing all the bacteria and risks there are in the world can open people up to how important taking your shoes off is.

3.Keep it clean

If all false, Keep it clean! If your family fails to listen to you and still walk around your home with shoes on. Start by cleaning the bottom of their shoes before coming inside, or make sure they wipe their shows before coming inside.

I know what you’re saying. “Well if they don’t take their shoes off, what makes you think they will wipe them clean?!”

If you ask everyone to wipe their shoes before coming in, then they will have the thought of “well, ill just take my shoes off before coming inside…”

Its all about knowing why taking your shoes off is important, and getting into the habit of taking them off or wiping them with disinfectant. Keep it clean and enjoy being healthy!