Baby Powder Does What?!

Using baby powder to Keep it clean

There’s a significant amount of way to use different household items that you probably haven’t thought about.
With that being said. I want to introduce baby powder to your cleaning arsenal. Yes, baby powder, the same one that you use to change diapers.
Baby powder has many unique qualities that make it great for many things. Here are a few!

1. Cleaning Oil and Grease

Oils are the worse to clean. It sticks like glue to surfaces and sometimes washing it off doesn’t do the job or is even an option. With baby power, Oils and Grease don’t stand a chance. Baby powder is designed to soak moisture and prevent friction.
For example. If you any of your cooking books accumulate oil, sprinkle baby powder on the surface of each page. Wait a few minutes for the baby powder to absorb the oil and then shake the baby powder well.
Now your books will be smelling and feeling much better.

2. Pet Cleaning

Use baby powder on your pets! I know, this sounds a bit much. But every pet owner needs to know this life hack.
All of our furry friends build a strong smell after a few days to a week, this is due to glands and bacteria build up in their fur. It’s advised to give your dogs (and other pets) a shower once a week. To a lot of people, this is news.

3. Spot removal

I know what you’re thinking… “Spot Removal, really Georgina?”
Yup! Well, to be specific. Emergency carpet spot removal.
In case you run out of your regular spot remover baby power will do the trick. It will quickly soak up any spill in your carpet. And will also leave a great smell.
After sprinkling baby power, make sure you vacuum what’s left.

4. Say no to foot blisters!

For those who wear dress shoes and have the tendency of getting foot blisters, say no more!
Baby powder is used to avoid friction against skin. Sprinkle some in your shoes and your feet will thank you later. It’s also great if your shoes build that locker room smell.
Make sure you do not add too much baby powder, it will turn into a mess!
Keep it clean!