Fragrances and more!

TGP Tips on Fragrances and scents


There’s a percentage of my audience that has asked me if scents are important in a home or office environment, this is my opinion behind having scents/ fragrances in an office or home.

Types of scents

There are 8 different types of scents that are popular and well known; Citrus, Floral, Fruity, Green, Organic, Oriental, Spicy, and Woody. There is an astonishing amount of information per scent and I can tell you about each one with walls of text. However, there’s only one that I really love and appreciate around my home and office.

Seasonal Scents

Honestly, Woody scents bring some interesting benefits to homes and offices during the holiday and winter times. Scents are already associated with having a luxury status. If you want to test that theory, next time you’re in a large growing community ask to see their model homes. Model homes set your expectation and your drive to buy a new home, as well as leasing offices in an apartment complex. If you notice, in the model homes you’ll smell a Woody smell which is usually the scented adapters plugged in outlets in the wall, and keep your eyes open for candles used as decoration.

Same with leasing offices, there has been a trend with leasing offices in apartment complexes having a unique model designed and ready for display that has adopted Woody scents as their main odor for the Models.

Your brain can be very interesting when it comes to smells and fragrances, especially in the summertime. Fragrances that will stimulate your brain and senses during summertime are citrus scents and fragrances.

A 2013 study published in the Journal of Retailing by Eric Spangenberg, shows that our brain reacts differently to each fragrance throughout the year depending on the seasons


Have you heard of the 3 L’s for real estate “Location, Location, Location.” Fragrances work the same way. If your home is by the beach, you won’t place a fragrance like Cashmere Woods, as your home fragrance.

This topic can be very straightforward. However, people are still making the mistake of placing Woody smells by in a downtown studio apartments and expecting a compliment about the ambiance of their home.

Although, other studies do counter this argument as well.

Relaxation, and Comfort Fragrance

Woody fragrances and scents have been studied and proclaimed to be the “home sweet home” fragrance. This idea is also pushed by brands like Glade and other companies that have branded these scents as “Outdoor or Holiday” scents/fragrances. This specific category of scent is directly marketed to all of us that enjoy feeling welcomed and that enjoy having a quality life.

Isn’t it interesting? How different scents and smells have a different impact on our brain and how that translates into emotions and feelings.

Candle Vs Sprays

The argument about candles and sprays being better than each other is never-ending. Before you choose your side i want to bring a up a couple of points and you make the choice.

When picking from Candle or spray fragrances here are a few things you should keep in mind;

  1. Location- Candles can only be placed in one area or zone of your home since candles do require fire to work. It would be dangerous to make the candle around, especially around kids. Sprays can be sprayed anywhere in your home to have the same effect, with current technology you can mount sprays on walls and set them on a timer to spray every hour.
  2. Durability- Candles will win in this category, Candles will keep your home with the fragrance of your choice for as long as its lit. Sprays have something along those lines. However, You will not notice the sprayed scent as often as you would a scented candle.
  3. Price- This is a big one for the majority, everyone wants the best for the lowest amount possible, Which is understandable. Who doesn’t? You will notice that a decently sized candle will cost you anywhere from 10-25$ and for some, that is just not in the budget. A sprayed fragrance is very budget friendly and will do about the same as a candle.

By the end of this blog, you may have more question, which is totally fine. you can always contact us or reach out to any of our social media for further help.

Always go for what you feel is appropriate for yourself and your home, this is just my opinion with some facts to add to my opinion of certain things. My goal is always to keep it clean and helping others with tips and tricks.